Albanian Gangster                                                                                          LEAD                                           Dir. M A. Brown Julia                                                                                                                          LEAD                                          Archstone Distribution
The Human Centipede (first sequence)                                              LEAD                                          IFC Films
Leaving Circadia                                                                                               Supporting                              Dir. Evan Weinstein
Empty                                                                                                                      LEAD                                          Vanguard Cinema
A Guy Named Rick                                                                                          Supporting                               Vanguard Cinema


Lady Business                                                                                                   Yasmine (pilot episode)                  Funny or Die
Selene Hollow                                                                                                  Zombie Victoria (4 episodes)       Stuidio Films


Triangle                                                                                                               LEAD                                              59E59 Theater 
Romeo & Juliet                                                                                               Juliet                                              Ellen Stewart Theater
Spellbound- A Musical                                                                               LEAD                                             NY Int'l Fringe Fest  
Story time w/ Mr. Butterman                                                                Madame                                       NY Int'l Fringe Fest
Bong Bong Bong Against the Wall..                                                   LEAD                                             La MaMa ETC 
Much Ado about Nothing                                                                        Beatrice                                        Milagros Theater
Fresh Horses                                                                                                   LEAD                                              AADA Rep 
Masterpieces                                                                                                   LEAD                                              AADA Rep 


Metamorphoses                                                                                  First Woman                                Playhouse on Park-CT    
The Diary of Anne Frank                                                                Anne Frank                                    Four County Players-VA
The Grapes of Wrath                                                                        Rose of Sharon                            Live Arts Theater-VA


The American Academy of Dramatic Arts NYC + Repertory Company - AOS degree in Advanced Acting
NiteStar Theater Company - Issue Based Political Theater Techniques, NYC 2006-2008 
Vocal Coaching- Claudia Catania & Danny Rocket/Voice & Speech- Jim Demonic


Singer, Dancer - Lindy Hop/Swing, all Latin dances, among others, Dialects (Upon Request), IPA Training; Basic Stage Combat/Fencing; fine artist painter; Rock Climbing and Mountaineering; Horseback Riding; Ice Skating; Field Hockey, Ukulele, Lacrosse, Soccer, Sea Kayaking, body boarding, ice climbing, Yoga, drivers license, U.S.A. Passport.

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment" -Ralph Waldo Emerson