"Will someone give actress Ashley C. Williams a break? ...Williams delivers an arresting..compelling performance in this striking genre film and uses her large, expressive eyes to powerful effect, whether conveying desperate hopelessness as Julia is being brutally ravaged or steely determination as she exacts extremely bloody revenge. " Frank Scheck, THE HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

"Williams not only proves her acting chops are razor sharp here, but if her performance wasn’t in what Hollywood considers to be a 'genre' picture, I dare say she should be up for an Oscar.  Portraying all the harrowing and heartbreaking stages of victimization without exploitation and all the while seeking revenge with bloody results, Williams gives a rich performance dramatically on par with any in a Park Chan-wook vengeance classic – it’s that good."
Jason Coleman,  STARPULSE 

"Julia is an emotionally powerful film. Its effectiveness rests solely on the big beautiful eyes of Ashley C. Williams, who plays the nebbish young weakling who begins to burn with rage, though her emotionless face doesn't show it. Like Zoe Lund in Ms. 45, Williams says it all with her eyes.." 

"Williams conveys a quiet simmering passion, plays both brutal and delicate with perfectly judged precision and appeals to the senses" 


"Embodied brilliantly by The Human Centipedes Ashley C Williams as a woman undergoing a profound metamorphoses." Anton Bitel, GROLSCH FILMWORKS



"Acting was very, very good. Ashley C. Williams was brilliant in her role as Julia and her shift from meek to revenge-fueled chic was believable  and great to watch" Dan Caps, HORRORNEWS.NET

"No review of this film will be complete without discussing Williams' astonishing performance. Familiar to genre fans for her work in The Human Centipede, this is almost a dual role for Williams — the awkward and lonely girl who starts the movie and the savagely independent woman she becomes before its end. The success of the movie hinges entirely on her performance and it really is an utter showstopper. It is brave, committed and entirely unflinching. She is incredible, sympathetic yet always unnerving, an unblinking and strangely alien ball of neuroses that slowly stew and distill into something harder, darker and terrifying" Steven Hickey, HICKEYS HOUSE OF HORRORS


Bong Bong Bong on the Walls..

Directed by Dario D'Ambrosi @ The Ellen Stewart Theater NYC 

"Williams is a dynamic actor, with an engaging stage presence and lovely voice. She strikes an impressive balance between intensity and empathy: and fully embodies Logas psychoses without alienating herself from the audience" -OFF OFF ONLINE
"A Winning performance" -The Village Voice
"A Sentient performance by Ms. Williams"
"Ashley plays loga chirpily"


Directed by Stephan Morris @ The 59E59 Theater - America's Off Broadway Season

"Ms. Williams has haughty allure" - The New York Times
"Williams rounds out the play with a fine performance"- FAME NYC Magazine

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else, is the greatest accomplishment" -Ralph Waldo Emerson